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4th-Dec-2006 01:17 am - I'm leaving for Utah in two days!!
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I'm leaving for Utah in two days and this is probably my last update of the year I'm very excited and nervous!!!!!... I'll be there for 4 months and I'm going to miss a lot of things, is going to be hard because i'm not going to be with my family... I've never been to USA before...I hope everything goes well :)
17th-Aug-2006 05:56 pm - puzzles!!
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it's been so long... well I've been busy making graphics *lol* I made this layout too! I think is my favourite so far, and I opened a graphic community gigiicons yay!
soo... I found this website Jigzone where you can solve puzzles and is so relaxing, I think I'm going to solve one right now :D
6th-Jul-2006 05:13 pm - Don't buy fur!!!!!!
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I love animals! that's why I made this banners, after reading This and more... :( is so sad :(:( I feel like I wanna do something about it you know

Don't buy Fur

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6th-Jun-2006 11:04 pm - semi friends only
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Comment here if you want me to add you:)
2nd-Jun-2006 08:46 pm - Icon journal
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ok I'm an iconwhore lol
Visit my icon journal: gigicons

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10th-Apr-2006 10:12 pm - :p
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no tengo nada que hacer, estoy aburrida jaja :P
aqui pongo un gif que me hace reir mucho, espero que a ustedes tambien *LOL*

muahaha :D
22nd-Mar-2006 12:57 pm - LOL
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Stolen from fostin
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21st-Feb-2006 09:47 pm - new layout[Dark Soul]
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I changed the layout of Dark Soul :)
9th-Feb-2006 09:13 pm - ...
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Hi, I've been so sad lately...and I have no time to make icons or collages :/
here is one collage i made for a battle... :/


credits: foto_decadent, Nadine

tell me what you think please
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